Enjoy the season of mangoes at the “Aamlicious” festival at Rajdhani – The King of Thali. This festival runs for 2 months and Rajdhani has gone all out trying to infuse mango into each and every element of the special mango thali.

The Mango Thali at the Aamlicious festival at Rajdhani

The BTeam was invited to try out the mango thali and I must say it was a very ‘Aam’ affair.

Aamras, Kairi Panna & Aam Thandai


For drinks, we had the Aam Thandai and Kairi Panna.


Kairi Stuffed Bread Roll


In the farsan section, we had the Kairi Stuffed Bread Roll. It was a crispy roll stuffed with raw mango and deep fried. The batter used was really good as the bread roll had a nice crunchy texture on the outside and soft, flavorful on the inside.

The Mango Dry Fruit Ghugra was the typical karanji stuffed with dry fruits and mango. I’ve never been a fan of karanji and I shied away from this one.

Shahi Aam Dhokla

The Shahi Aam Dhokla had a mango jelly and slice of mango on top but I thought it was a bit too hard for a dhokla.

The Chatpata Kachha Kairi Muthiya was my pick from this section. It had a nice flavor of the raw mango especially because it was steamed and the tempered mustard and sesame seeds enhanced the taste.

Special of the day

The Mango Dal Dhokli was the ‘Special of the day’ and had a subtle sweet mango taste in the dal. I could go on eating this dal and phulka forever.

Arbi Mango Rassawala
Aam aur Pyaaz ki Sabji
Kaddu aur Kairi ka Bharta


A total of 4 vegetables were served – Aam aur Pyaaz ki Sabji which had tossed mangoes and finely chopped onions; Kaddu Kairi ka Bharta which had pumpkin and raw mangoes; Aam ki Launji which is more of a sweet and sour pickle; Arbi Mango Rassawala had cubes of arbi in a slightly sour gravy. My favorite was the Arbi Mango Rassawala because you rarely get arbi elsewhere and being paired with mango, it tasted brilliant.

Mango Malabari Kadi

Dal / Kadhi

The Malabari Mango Kadi was really good. Although there wasn’t a distinct mango flavor, the grainy texture of the kadi ruined it for some.

Mango Pulao

Rice / Pulao

The Mango Pulao had mango pieces, dry fruits, carrots and was garnished with coriander. It was a little too dry for palate and I paired it up with the dal from the Dal Dhokli. The resulting combination was simply brilliant.

Indian Breads

The breads section had hot and fluffy phulkas, puris and khoba roti. It was my first encounter with khoba roti which is apparently a staple food in Rajasthan. As thick as a pie, I found it dry for my taste.


For desserts, we had Aamrakhand and Aamras. The Aamrakhanda was a standard affair but it was totally shadowed by rounds and rounds of Aamras. Places serving unlimited Aamras usually invite competition amongst fellow diners and I gulped down 12 servings of Aamras. However, I was no match for Bacon Baba who demolished 15.5 bowls. A big shout out to Bhawarlalji for tirelessly filling up our bowls throughout the meal.


We also had the Mango Pachadi which was is a Kerala specialty made using coconut and yogurt. It had a good sour taste however I felt the mango flavor wasn’t very distinct.

Chutneys & Pickle

We had two chutneys namely Kairi Red Capsicum Chutney and Kairi Coconut Chutney. The former had a sweetish taste while the latter was savory. Nonetheless, these chutneys paired well with items from the farsan section. We were also served Choonda and Kairi Pickle.

It was one hell of an aamlicious thali and I enjoyed to the very last bite of it. For 399 ++ this thali is value for money and would urge you to go out and have this thali. Do let me know how many bowls of aamras you demolished.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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