Indigo Delicatessen

Indigo Deli has grown in leaps and bounds with their latest outlet opening in Phoenix Marketcity, Pune.

The Burgerbwoy in me could not resist when I was invited for their conceptual burger and sandwich tasting. Here’s my take on the burgers and sandwiches I had.

Roasted Mushroom & Tofu Burger

The Roasted Mushroom and Tofu Burger with Garlic Spinach had five grain bun and was served with a side of potato wedges, house salad and a beetroot slaw. The potato wedges were the standard benchmark but when had with the slaw, tasted even better. For the patty in this burger which was crusted with sesame seeds, I found the texture a little hard.

Corn Crusted Potato & Jalapeno Burger

The Corn Crusted Potato & Jalapeno Burger with Creamy Feta was served with a side of cucumber slaw, potato wedges and a house salad. The burger had lettuce, tomatoes and onions. This was my pick from the vegetarian burgers easily. The lovely sharp flavor from the feta, soft texture of the patty and the relief from the cucumber slaw was a beautiful amalgamation.

Deli BBQ Chicken Burger

The Deli BBQ Chicken Burger had grilled onions, a fried egg and was served along with sides of a house slaw, potato wedges and a salad. I found the barbeque sauce a bit sweet but the egg and grilled onions worked against that sweetness to produce a good flavor balance.

Deli Favorite Crispy Chicken Burger with the Works and Wicked Sauce

The Deli Favorite Crispy Chicken Burger with The Works and Wicked Sauce was one behemoth. It had a fried egg, onion rings, French fries, sautéed mushrooms, garden greens, tomato and cheddar all in one burger. This burger was my Man vs. Food dreams come true. The burger had a thick, juicy and succulent patty into which the cheddar had melted beautifully. The bun was smothered with the wicked sauce and the overall burger was delicious.

Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich

The Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich with Aioli and Cranberry Chutney was served in buttered toast. The sandwich had an overall sweetish taste.

Seriously Sloppy Joe

The Seriously Sloppy Joe had BBQ chicken, sharp mustard and melted cheddar served in a baguette. It was one messy sandwich to handle. The sweetness from the barbeque sauce was well balanced by the mustard and cheddar. This sandwich ticked all the boxes for me.

Creamy Chicken Salad Sandwich

The Creamy Chicken Salad Sandwich had roasted pineapple, peppers, lettuce and Thousand Island dressing. The chicken was juicy and succulent but I thought the sandwich needed some spicy element to balance the sweetness from the pineapple and the Thousand Island.

Deli Chili Cheese Toast

The Deli Chili Cheese Toast had cheddar, bell peppers, red onions and jalapenos grilled in whole wheat bread. Gooey melted cheese with crunch from all the condiments makes this a go to choice for the vegetarians.

Apple & Muskmelon Smoothie

The Apple & Muskmelon Smoothie was quite a good drink with balanced apple and muskmelon flavors.

We also had Indigo Deli’s homemade ice creams like the Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, Mocha & Caramelized Banana, Pecan Butter and the Dulce De Leche. All the ice creams were really good especially on the consistency end but my pick was easily the Mocha & Caramelized Banana. It had some brilliant flavors.

Chocolate Mud Cake

The Chocolate Mud Cake was a dense chocolate pie served with a berry coulis and whipped cream. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the berry coulis and chocolate combination but I thought they went hand in hand. The chocolate cake was absolutely a gooey and delicious affair.

A big shout out to Svetlana Savant from Carpe Diem for inviting us & Chef Tushar and Team Indigo for hosting us.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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