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Café Mestizo by Three Wise Monks and headed by Chef Deepu Alamchandani has come up with new additions to the menu. Thanks to Mitali from Goodword Media, The B Team got a chance to check out the same and we were very excited.

Do The Cheeto Pizza

The Do The Cheeto Pizza was something that got my ears perked up. The idea of one of my favourite childhood snacks paired with a pizza sounded amazing. The pizza had a blend of four cheeses and was topped off with Cheetos. When you have the Cheetos and the pizza together be ready to take a trip down memory lane.

Mary’s Little Lamb Burger

The Mary’s Little Lamb Burger is an aptly named burger considering its size. It has a lamb patty along with Chef Deepu’s signature barbecue sauce, cheese sauce, lettuce, onion rings and served with a side of fries and some delicious coleslaw. This burger is a delight for the hard-core carnivores.

Kheema Baguette

The Kheema Baguette is Chef Deepu’s take on the Kheema Pav. It was served with buttery slices of bread and some onion rings. I loved the chatpata kheema and the gourmet touch with the baguette.

Naked Spaghetti

The Naked Spaghetti was another name that caught my attention. The popular Aglio e Olio with chilli, garlic, butter and parmesan served with two slices of garlic bread was absolutely lip smacking and we kept fighting for a forkful until the last bite. The garlic had a great crunchy texture along with the al-dente spaghetti and that made this my favourite pasta from the evening.

Penne in Pesto

The Penne in a creamy Pesto Sauce came along with two slices of garlic bread. It was topped off with some basil, parmesan and broccoli. I usually prefer a dry pesto to a creamy pesto. Yet, I liked this dish.

Chicken Biryani

The Chicken Biryani was undoubtedly the star of the night for me. It was served in an earthen clay pot which had long grain basmati rice, spices, perfectly cooked and marinated chicken, fried onions along with raita, salan and chutney on the side. Special attention must be given to the raita, salan and chutney as they go brilliantly well with the biryani. I gave up on the cutlery and resorted to my hands and did justice to the biryani. Kudos Chef!

We were up for a treat when Chef Deepu laid out his festive special freak shakes.

Thandai Freak Shake

The Thandai Freak Shake had crushed jalebi pieces, thandai and was blended with betel leaf. It was topped off with some whipped cream and a jalebi and I loved this finishing touch. Although I found traces of betel flavour, I quite liked this shake.

Pedha Freak Shake

The Pedha Freak Shake had rabdi mixed with pedha. I am not a fan of pedha and I shied away from this one.

Popcorn & Salted Caramel Shake

The Popcorn & Salted Caramel Shake stole the show with its never seen before presentation. Salted caramel thick shake in the mason jar with caramel popcorn was a kickass combination I’ve seen in Pune for the first time. All of us loved the shake and I can say that this shake is about to create some waves.

It was a fun filled evening with delicious food. A big shout out to Chef Deepu, Team Café Mestizo and Devendra for inviting and hosting us.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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