Feast – Le Meridien is hosting the Moroccan Food Festival from 19th – 27th August 2016. Chef Youssef Mabchour who is based in Dubai is the brains behind this festival.

Moroccan cuisine is the culinary star of North Africa. Being at the crossroads of many civilizations, the cuisine of Morocco is a melenge of Arab, Berber, Moorish, French, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean African, Iberian and Jewish influences. Moroccan cooking is enhanced with fruits, dried and fresh, apricots, dates, figs and raisins to name a few. Lemons preserved in a salt lemon juice mixture bring a unique face to many Moroccan chicken dishes.

The cooks in the royal kitchens of Fes, Meknes, Marrakech, Rabat and Tetouan refined Moroccan cuisine over the centuries and created the basis for what is known as Moroccan cuisine today. Spices like cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, ginger, pepper, sesame seeds and ingredients like saffron, mint, olives, oranges, lemons are used extensively in Moroccan cuisine.

Moroccan Mint Tea

We started off with the Moroccan Mint Tea which had a good aroma and flavour of the mint.

Fish Skewers
Fish Skewers
Chicken Skewers
Lamb Skewers

Next came the Chicken and Lamb Skewers. The chicken was cooked really well and was really juicy and tender. It came with a side of hummus and babaganoush. However, I found the Lamb Skewers just a little dry to my liking.

Lamb Harira Soup
Fassia Soup

I had the Fassia soup which I think was more like a dal soup. It tasted pretty good and had a thick consistency.

The Vegetarian Couscous is the staple food in Morocco. It is usually had with the meat and it’s curry. I loved the consistency and texture of the couscous.

Roast Chicken
Roast Chicken

The Roast Chicken on a bed of Vermicelli was beautifully cooked and although wasnt very flavorful as I’d expect it to be, I liked it. The juices oozed out of the chicken as I cut through the chicken with my knife. The skin had become a little soggy which I would’ve preferred to be a little crispy.

Chicken Mohammar

The Chicken Mohammar was cooked in it’s own juices and was accompanied by olives. It’s a must have at the Moroccan Food Festival.

Chicken Shawarama

I also tried the Chicken Shawarama which tasted beautiful. Sandwiched in a flat bread, it was just the right amount of spicy for me and I loved it.

Moroccan Grilled Vegetables
Moroccan Grilled Vegetables
Batata Msharmala
Batata Msharmala
Seafood Atlas Tangine
Seafood Atlas Tangine
Seafood Atlas Tangine

Other mains available at the festival which I couldn’t try were the Seafood Atlas Tangine, Kofta Tangine with Egg, Cashewnut rice, Batata Msharmala, Moroccan Grilled Vegetables, Zalouk, Taktouka and Baked Fish with Charmoula Sauce.

Moroccan sweets are rich and dense confections of cinnamon, almond and fruit perfumes that are rolled into filo dough, soaked in honey and stirred into puddings.

Dessert Spread

The dessert spread that day included Moroccan Almond Yogurt Cake, Basbusa, Baklava, Kanafeh, Moroccan Semolina Cake, Moroccan Date Crumble, Hazelnut Chocochip Bar, Mahalabia, Moroccan Rice Pudding, Pears in Red Wine, Omali, M’hanncha, Date Chocolate Flan, Moroccan Chocolate Cake and Gazelle Horn.

My plate

The M’hanncha and Baklava are pretty popular desserts and were my favourite from the night.

It was a great experience to try out the various Moroccan delicacies. A big shout out to Sameer Ranade for inviting me and Sneh Meghlan, Chef Mark & Chef Youssef for hosting us.

Disclaimer : This invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. This review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source. However I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the Internet.

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