With the International Sushi Day around the corner on the 18th of June, Shizusan has presented a 9 specialty sushi menu inspired from various countries around the globe. Each of the 9 specialty sushi are products of the countries they are inspired from.

Shizusan – An Asian Pop Bistro

Thanks to the generous ladies over at Carpe Diem, The BTeam got an invitation to the preview of the “Around the world with 9 sushi.” I was really excited about this since I had not had a lot of sushi before.

Live Sushi Counter

Chef Paul Kinny was the man of the hour and he took us through Shizusan’s journey in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. There were 4 vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi each and a dessert sushi. All the sushi come with a side of wasabi and salad.

The Saigon
The Saigon

The Saigon sushi from Vietnam was a maki roll of raw papaya, carrots and long beans cooked in a red curry with crisp onions, burnt garlic, crushed peanuts and mint. Distinct sweetness from the carrots and the raw papaya in the red curry was really flavorful.

The Korean
The Korean

The Korean sushi from the land of Gangnam Style was a maki roll of shitake mushrooms, kimchi, asparagus tempura and carrots garnished with gochujang (a spicy fermented Korean condiment made from red chilies, rice and fermented soybeans). I loved the combination of the shitake mushrooms & the kimchi and this one was amongst my favorites in the vegetarian sushi.

Monsieur Maki
Monsieur Maki

The Monsieur Maki from France used the enoki (long, thin, white mushroom used commonly in East Asian cooking) tempura, brie (a soft French cheese made from cow’s milk), ponzu (Japanese citrus based sauce) mayo and truffle oil. This one was the best vegetarian sushi and was loved by everyone. I thought the enoki tempura just elevated the texture and took it to a whole new level.

‘NO’ri Maki
‘NO’ri Maki

The ‘NO’ri Maki is a sushi wrapped with spinach filled with asparagus, cucumber, carrots, wasabi mayo and cream cheese. Since many people don’t like sea weed, this sushi is wrapped with spinach. The ‘NO’ri Maki tasted pretty decent.

The Norwegian

The Norwegian had the smoked salmon marinated with dill along with crunchy tappa, mustard-kewpie (Japan’s most popular mayonnaise from rice vinegar) mayo and toasted sesame seeds. I loved the smokiness of the salmon and I feel this is a must try for fish lovers.

The Peruvian
The Peruvian

The Peruvian combines the classic tuna ceviche from the land of Machu Picchu with the use of a velvety lemon chili mayo along with cilantro. I hadn’t had tuna before so I wouldn’t know a lot about this sushi. But, it tasted good.

The Chinaman
The Chinaman

The Chinaman has a thick crisp Peking duck with Philly cream cheese, spring onions, cucmber, hoisin (sweet savoury sauce from China’s Peking region made from soybeans) mayo and shredded pancake crisps. The duck here was moist and tender and that added with the crunch from the shredded pancakes was really delightful.

The Alaskan
The Alaskan

The Alaskan had white crab meat salad from the white land of Alaska with creamy avocado, ponzu mayo, unagi sauce (sweet savory soy and rice vinegar sushi sauce) and tobiko (flying fish rice like caviar). The Alaskan was definitely my favorite non-vegetarian sushi and had a beautiful presentation trying to create a snow land. There is a burst of flavors and textures in your mouth especially from the tobiko which makes it a favorite.

Chiang Mai Roll
Chiang Mai Roll

The last sushi was actually a dessert inspired from the mango sticky rice and was called the Chiang Mai Roll. It had sliced mango rolled with sticky coconut rice and topped with toasted sesame. With the king of fruits in season, I think this sushi was the perfect end for our meal and an absolute treat for mango lovers.

Most of us fellow bloggers ended up liking the vegetarian sushi more than the non-vegetarian ones. I personally feel this is a treat for vegetarians and an opportunity which must not be let go of. The sushi festival kick started on the 15th June and will continue until 3rd July.

Here’s a few photographs of the cocktails from the evening. Being a teetotaller, I only clicked photographs.

Orange Caprioshka

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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