Maharashtra Day commonly known as Maharashtra Diwas is a state holiday in the state of Maharashtra, commemorating the formation of the state of Maharashtra from the division of the Bombay State on 1st May, 1960. On account of this occasion, the Maharashtrian Food Festival was underway at Magnum Opus in Pimple Saudagar. Thanks to my fellow blogger, Arvind, I got an invite from Shreeya, The Orca Studio for this festival.

The Reception

Magnum Opus is a rooftop restaurant with a plush white theme and whose setup reflects a fine dine. There is an indoor seating and an outdoor open seating. The staff were beautifully dressed in traditional Maharashtrian clothes.

The food festival was a part of their regular buffet which had a wide spread of soup, starters, salads, live chaat counter, main course and desserts. I thought they could have maintained the food festival and buffet separately. We chose to have majority of the Maharashtrian food.

Orange Delight

We were welcomed with an Orange Delight drink. It was a refreshing drink with orange juice and distinct flavours of lemon and mint.

Chana Dal chi Wadi
Chana Dal chi Wadi

For starters, we were served with the Chana Dal chi Wadi. This had fried tikkis made using chana dal, herbs and spices. It had very subtle flavours of the chana dal. However, a mint chutney would have worked well with this.

Chilli Potato

The Chilli Potato had potato fingers fried and sautéed in a tangy sauce with onions, chillies and green onions. They were crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside. This was a knock out of the park for me!

Chicken Kathi Roll
Chicken Kathi Roll

The Chicken Kathi Roll was wrapped in a fluffy flour roti and stuffed with the chicken. It tasted very nice but again a mint chutney would have done wonders here!

Szechuan Fish
Szechuan Fish

The Szechuan Fish was a disappointment. Fried fish sautéed with capsicum, onion and chillies were pretty soggy and had lost all the texture. The presentation could have been a little better.

Kothimbir chi Wadi
Kothimbir chi Wadi

The Kothimbir chi Wadi is a Maharashtrian delicacy which is made using coriander leaves and chickpea flour and fried until crisp. It was wonderful and did full justice to the traditional recipe.

Malvani Kombdi Masala

Malvani Kombdi Masala was rubbed in a marinade and spices. It was cooked until it had a charred texture and the chicken had become soft and tender. I liked this mild combination of flavours.

Chicken Hawaiian Salad
Tomato Cucumber Salad
Cottage Cheese Salad

The main course started with the Subj Kolhapuri, Sukhi Bhendi, Veg. Bhoona, Daal Amti, Varan, Masale Bhaat and Peas in a White Curry.

The Main Course
Subj Kolhapuri

The Subj Kolhapuri lacked that extra bit of spice and the peas in it were a little undercooked. I liked the Sukhi Bhendi and its filling especially since it reflected the traditional recipe.

Sukhi Bhendi
Peas in White Curry

The Peas in White Curry was a vegetarian variant of the classic Pandhra Rasssa. It had peas which were again slightly undercooked in a rich, creamy gravy that was mildly spicy. The Veg. Bhoona was average.

Masale Bhaat

The Daal Amti & Varan reminded me of the lunch meals cooked by my mother. It tasted absolutely fantastic. I could say the same about the Masale Bhaat. It was packed with flavours and I just loved it.

Assorted Papad

The main course was served with tandoori roti and naan but I would have preferred chapatti here as it truly reflects Maharashtrian cuisine.


For dessert, we had a heavenly bowl of amrakhand which was garnished with pistachio. It was having a very smooth and melt in the mouth consistency and it took me no time to polish off the bowl.

My Dessert Platter

We were pretty full by now so I arranged a small platter of the desserts which had besan ladu which was another Maharashtrian speciality was very soft and tasty, rasgulla, jello and fresh fruits.

Staff dressed in Maharashtian clothes

I must say that they absolutely nailed the Maharashtrian Food and it won me over. The menu was perfectly cut out highlighting Maharashtrian cuisine trying to take us back to times and reminding us of our home made Maharashtrian food.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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