Open Window Café Bistro located in Model Colony at the rooftop of Hotel Ambassador is a newbie in town. So when TheBTeam got an invitation for an exclusive food tasting from Gouri Herekar, Team OWCB, we were all excited and ready with our blogger’s gear. When we arrived, we got to clicking pictures and I was pretty impressed with what they’ve done with the place and given attention to detail.

The Entrance
The Bar

Being located in the heart of the city, it gives you a great panoramic view of the city. The place is painted with graffiti and art all over. The lobby area has bottles painted with Salman, Rajnikanth and many others.

Wall Graffiti
Wall Graffiti


There are funky frames with quotes as well. As far as the seating is concerned, there’s plenty of tables. The bar has two window frames drawing resemblance to the name itself. So the ambiance is perfect for an evening under the moonlit sky.

Classic Mojito

We started off with drinks. I got the Pineapple Mojito and the Tropical Island in the mocktails. Being a teetotaller, I just clicked photographs of whichever cocktails arrived. All of them were served in a unique and appealing way so I’ll let the photographs do the talking.

Pineapple Mojito

The Pineapple Mojito was made using pineapple juice, caramel syrup and pineapple & lemon wedges and served in a glass bulb. It was a good classic mojito and liked the acidity from the lemons to balance the flavours.

Tropical Island
Tropical Island

The Tropical Island was the star of the night for me. It had pineapple, mango and litchi juice, a dash of grenadine syrup and was served in a milk bottle along with a watermelon wedge. I loved this drink. It was sweet and was one of the best mocktails I’ve had so far. It didn’t have any distinct flavour from the fruit juices used, yet it was so good.

Caramel Twist

For starters, we went with the Cheese Nachos, Veg. Bruschetta and the Prawns Satay.

Cheese Nachos

The cheese nachos were served with their house salsa, jalapenos and cheese. It was a literal overload of cheese and the salsa was insufficient to balance the cheese.

Veg. Bruschetta
Veg. Bruschetta

The Veg. Bruschetta was my favourite amongst the starters. Tomato, cheese, basil, herbs and garlic all laid upon a toasted bread made the perfect bruschetta.

Prawns Satay

The Prawns Satay consisted of skewered prawns served with a salad of cabbage, carrot and capsicum. It was pretty decent.

Roasted Chicken & Mushroom Salad

We also had a Roasted Chicken & Mushroom Salad. It had seasoned chicken, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and romaine lettuce. This one is a must try for the calorie conscious.

To cover a variety of options we ordered one each of the sandwich, burger and pasta. We had the OW Grilled Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Chicken Burger and a Chicken Penne Pasta in OW Special Sauce.

OW Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The OW Grilled Chicken Sandwich was decent. Chicken, mayonnaise, jalapeno and peppers were inserted between two slightly extra roasted breads. I thought they could have been a little soft. The sandwich came with a side of fries which were pretty flawless.

BBQ Chicken Burger
BBQ Chicken Burger

The BBQ Chicken Burger looked absolutely stunning and mouth-watering. The burger was messy just the way it should be and had shredded BBQ chicken strips, slice of sharp cheddar, onions, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. The chicken seemed to be a little dry. The burger came with a side of fries and a well-dressed salad of iceberg lettuce and bell peppers.

Chicken Penne Pasta in OW Special Sauce

The Pasta was described in a leeks, celery, Cajun spice, tomatoes and cream sauce. The sauce looked really rich and creamy but I could not find any leeks or celery nor could I taste any Cajun. There was a general lack of balance of flavours in the sauce. The garlic bread served with the pasta wasn’t roasted which it traditionally should be.

Wine Chicken Pizza
Wine Chicken Pizza

We also had a Wine Chicken Pizza which had mushrooms and BBQ Chicken brushed in red wine. It was a nice thin crust pizza but the sweetness from the BBQ Sauce overpowered the basic pizza sauce. The chicken had dried out just a tad bit.

Roasted Chicken

In the mains, we had the Roasted Chicken and a Veg. Shepherd’s Pie. The Roasted Chicken was marinated in butter and garlic served in a thyme sauce. It came with a side of well-cooked and seasoned veggies and smashed potatoes topped off with cheese and herbs. The thyme sauce was a little salty but I absolutely loved the veggies and the potatoes.

Veg. Shepherd’s Pie

The Shepherd’s Pie was OW’s vegetarian take on the traditional pie. It consisted of layer of veggies in a sauce upon which was a layer of mashed potatoes was baked. I loved the sauce which was absolutely lip smacking. However I felt that the presentation could be improved and the garlic bread served could be toasted.

The Kitkat Shake

In the cold beverages, we tried the Kitkat Shake upon recommendation by the server and boy, it turned out to be good. It was served in a mason jar with vanilla ice cream, a kitkat and some sprinkles and I just loved the consistency of the shake.

Crepe Suzette

For desserts we had the Crepe Suzette and the OW Cupcake with Ice Cream. The Crepe Suzette was served with an orange sauce which was very sweet and a few orange wedges. The dessert lacked an element to cut through all the sweetness from the sauce.

OW Cupcake with Ice Cream

The OW Cupcake with Ice Cream was delicious. It consisted of a vanilla ice creamed sandwiched between a chocolate cup cake. The cake was a bit dense but I loved the combination of the chocolaty flavour from the cupcake along with the ice cream.

Caiprinha Berry

OWCB is very moderately priced and could soon become a potential student hang out spot. There is some scope for improvement. Otherwise the central location, the rooftop ambience, the drinks and the food make OWCB a place to be frequented.

The Long Island Iced Tea
Apple Martini

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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