One fine day I was wandering on East Street when one of the What’ A Sandwich boards caught my attention. I jotted down the name on a piece of paper and checked out the place on Zomato before I could visit it. I saw that they primarily serve subs at a very pocket friendly rate which is what prompted me to visit the place.


Now when it comes to subs, the first place that comes to mind is Subway. But I always found Subway to be a little unsatisfactory. What’ A Sandwich completely changed my mindset and opinion about subs.


What A’ Sandwich situated on East Street, opposite HDFC Bank is easy to spot and has ample parking space in their compound. The place has around 4 tables and a small old TV that keeps you entertained. There are posters that are innovatively centred around subs that say, “The taste is good in this one”, “Arey O Samba, kitne sauces thay?” and the classy one from Deewar “Mere paas sandwich hai!” I was warmly greeted by the owner Mr. Hussain Lokhandwala when I visited and he told me how he came up with What’ A Sandwich.

Wall of The Submarine Sandwiches

There are plenty of options in vegetarian and non vegetarian subs but I always go with the Veg. Crispy and I like to build my own sandwich.

Step 1 : Choose your bread.

The sandwich comes in three sizes, 4”, 8” and the 16” and a choice between whole wheat and multigrain. My choice has always been the 8” multi grain. The bread can be roasted on request.

Step 2 : Choose your filling.

A variety of options here but as I said, I always go with the veg. crispy. Three semi-circular patties go into an 8” sandwich. The filling can be deep fried or grilled as per request.

Step 3 : Choose your condiments.

Choose from a wide variety of iceberg lettuce, onions, capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives and jalapenos. I usually go with lettuce, onions and capsicum.

Step 4 : Choose your sauces.

Here comes the best part. The variety of sauces here is unbelievable and they are very generous with the sauces. They will put in as much sauce as you’d like without charging extra. The sauces available are the mayonnaise, thousand island, mustard, chipotle, barbeque, ranch, honey mustard, ranch, salsa, sweet chilli, red chilli, cheese alfredo. All of the sauces are simply superb.

Step 5 : Choose your add ons.

You can either add fries in the sub, double the filling or add cheese. My sub usually gets full by the time I reach step 5 so I don’t usually get any add ons.


My 8″ Veg. Crispy

The subs taste really amazing. The freshness of the bread and the condiments, the flavours from all the sauces and the texture of the fillings make your sub heavenly. An 8” is sufficient to fill one person. They also serve salads and pizzas but never have had a chance to try that. Currently they have stores at East Street and Hadapsar along with a only home delivery outlet operating in Viman Nagar.

One of the hidden gems in Pune, What’ A Sandwich is a fierce competition to Subway and the perfect place to go when you are craving subs.


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