Le Petit Amour Patisserie & Bistro is an amazing example of a French bistro fused with modern cuisine. Talk about how a bistro is becoming the talk of the town, Le Petit Amour has certainly stamped its authority.


It is located opposite to Kothrud bus stand. It is a small, nice and cosy setup with 5 tables. The interiors resemble to a classic European bistro with the brick wall, glass doors and the framework. Their menu is written with chalk on blackboard. All this just makes up for a perfect ambience.

Pink Lemonade

We had a Pink Lemonade, Spaghetti Sorrentino, Macaroni Cheese and French Crepes. The Pink Lemonade to start off with was a good drink to chill off all the heat as soon as you are seated. It tasted really good with all the mint flavour infused in the drink.


Spaghetti Sorrentino

The Spaghetti Sorrentino was served in a classic Pomodoro sauce with diced cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. I loved the spaghetti the way it was served like a giant mountain with the cheese garnished on top. The balance of flavours was really good with the sauce and it gave off a mild tomato flavour which is exactly how I like it. Apart from the quantity of the spaghetti which I feel was a little less, this dish was a knock out of the park.

Macaroni Cheese

The Macaroni Cheese was served with roasted mushrooms in a cheese sauce topped off with parmesan. I feel this dish could have been better off with a little more sauce since not all of the macaroni was coated with the sauce. For a while, it felt like I was having plain, boiled macaroni. Otherwise the sauce tasted great.

Pink Lemonade

The French Crepes was the star of the evening for me. A classic French Crepe served vanilla mascarpone, a berry compote and roasted almonds. The presentation was brilliant. The mascarpone was inside the crepes and would ooze out every time you cut out a piece. It was a beautiful theatrical element of the dish. The crepe itself was light, aerated and fluffy. That with the light vanilla mascarpone along with the almonds was perfect. If you try to get a bit of everything in one bite, there will be an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The light crepe with the sweetness of the vanilla mascarpone, the crunchy texture of the almonds and the sour berry compote to cut through all the sweetness was a perfectly constructed dish.

Le Petit Amour also has sandwiches and salads which I intend to try out the next time I visit. I wish there were more dishes in the mains. Overall, an amazing time and experience which was totally worth it.


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