Minus 18 Degrees situated on Baner Road is an amazing place with a beautiful setup. It seems like a Greece inspired place with all the white tables and the classic wooden chairs. It’s themed white and monochromes of blue. There is plenty of seating here with a row of tables running parallel to the entrance and two sections inside. I am not quite sure if there is an upstairs seating. The seating at the ground floor is divided into two sections, one having a huge table for a group while the other having tables for two, three and four. There are separate counters with the coffee counter right at the center while the Mediterranean and dessert counter at the corners. There is this beautiful essence and aroma of freshly brewed coffee all the time and it really pumps up the ambiance of the place.

I had explored the place and the menu on Instagram and Zomato before I actually paid a visit to the place. Photographs posted by various individuals and by M18D itself were very pleasing. The Mezze Platter caught my attention the most and was the first thing I ordered. So the Mezze Platter consisted of Lavash and three dips. The dips were Hummus, Tzatziki and Muhammara. I’d say there were around 18-20 triangular pieces of crisply lavash decorated with sesame seeds and garlic infused flavour. The Hummus dip tasted the best amongst the lot. The Tzatziki was a hung yogurt dip with garlic and shredded cucumber while the Muhammara was a roasted bell pepper and walnut dip. They tasted equally good.

I also tried the Classic Caesar Salad which was a Romaine lettuce dressed with mayonnaise and garnished with parmesan, croutons and lots of black olives. The salad was decent. The sour juices from the lettuce with the mayonnaise went hand in hand. The crisp croutons added a great texture to the salad. I also tried the French Fries and the Pancakes. The french fries were served with ketchup and chilli garlic mayonnaise. The quantity of the fries were humongous but the only thing that disappointed me that they were the preserved, ready to fry McCain fries. It was a total turn off. However the pancakes were beautiful. They were served with maple syrup and cream. But I asked for extra strawberries because it makes for a wonderful combination. The maple syrup was wonderful and if you get little of everything in one bite, you will keep asking for more.

Talking about the desserts now, which were absolutely out of the world, I had the Red Velvet Cheese Pastry, Tiramisu and the Chicago Style Baked Cheese Cake. The Red Velvet was layers of pastry and cheese frosting. It tasted amazing and you could get the cocoa in every bite. The multi layered structure prevented from making the pastry monotonous. The Tiramisu was an absolute delight. I had never had a better Tiramisu in my life. It was absolutely delicious. It was decorated with a chocolate strip and coffee beans. You could taste the coffee flavor with every bite. It was something that could only be experienced rather than be put into words.

The staff is really well mannered, helpful and polite. The service is lightning fast. All this put together makes Minus 18 Degrees an amazing place to keep visiting!


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