Baked & Wired is an exclusively delivery restaurant operating out of Viman Nagar. I came across B&W on Zomato and the moment I learned that they serve deep dish pizzas, I was crazily excited. Since I was out of their delivery radius, I requested them to let me have the food at their place and they happily set up a table for me. They also serve 28″ monster size pizzas which is by far the largest in Pune.

All this while, I was shown around the kitchen and the food making process which I must say is very sophisticated and upto the mark. B&W also supplies burger buns to a few burger joints in and around the area.

Deep Dish is a traditional Chicago style pizza wherein the cheese is at the bottom, then toppings and then the sauce. It is essentially a thick crust pizza. The deep dish pizza was really amazing and it is unavailable on the delivery menu since it must be eaten piping hot and gets soggy by the time it reaches your doorstep. I had a Vegi Mix deep dish which had jalapenos, olives and peppers. The pizza was beautiful and I was over the moon with every bite I had. The tomato sauce was unique and absolutely beautiful. It was the star of the pizza. The sourness from the jalapenos went pretty well with the sauce and the crust texture was fantastic.

I have also tried the Monster Pizza. It is a thin crust. For reference, nine 8″ pizzas make up a 28″ monster. Each monster has 16 slices and you can have up to 6 different pizzas in one monster. Now B&W has everything predetermined as to how much grams of dough to use or how much grams of topping must go on every pizza. They have a digital scale and everything is perfectly measured so as to ensure consistency. Now, I have tried the BBQ Chicken, Cajun Chicken, 3 Cheese with Watercress and an All Pepper with the monster. All of them tasted amazing especially the BBQ Chicken. Tender chunks of chicken tasted superb. The pizza remained moist for quite a long time. It was the first time while having a pizza that I did not need any extra ketchup, oregano or chili flakes. The cajun chicken was a little on the spicier side topped off with jalapenos and was decent. The 3 cheese with watercress was all cheesy and gooey. The All pepper turned out to be a little sour and spicy.

Coming to the pasta, I only eat pastas in pink sauce. So I tried the Tortellini in Pink Sauce. Now I mixed it up a little, wherein half my tortellinis were mushroom stuffed while the others were stuffed with bottle gourd. The bottle gourd tortellini is an experimental pasta and as a hater of bottle gourd since childhood, I never expected to like it. Now, the center of attraction of the dish was the pink sauce. By far this was the best pink sauce I’ve ever had in my life. And never ever had I eaten bottle gourd with so much love. It was heavenly. The sauce was very rich and not too strong on tomato. It was unbelievably perfect. One must definitely try this pasta.

Wonderful experiences everytime I visited B&W. Now I am just waiting for their official restaurant to open up. Headed by the very talented Chef Manan Maheshwari, B&W is giving everybody else a run for their money. I wish B&W all the best for their future endeavours. Cheers!

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